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Making Lifestyle block maintenance easier

For practical advice on ground care and buying the right equipment for the job, ask your local lifestyle block maintenance specialists at Lifestyle Centre. We have a wide range of outdoor power equipment for sale and can help you choose the right tools for you and your property.

We provide all our customers with superior after-sales service and advice on operation and product care and quality maintenance and repairs at Lifestyle Centre. If you want to know if you have the right equipment to handle a challenging task, drop in or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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Ride-on mowers and lawn mowers to help free up your weekend

Ride-on mowers are an essential item in your lifestyle property maintenance arsenal, especially if you want to keep some of your weekend free for other things.

At the Lifestyle Centre we have a variety of ride-on mowers offering different sizes and functions to suit the scale of your property and its ground conditions. Let our experienced staff help you choose the ride-on mower for your block and free up your weekend for some R&R – or mending the fence, building the chicken run, pruning the fruit trees, moving the goat….

The Lifestyle Centre also has an extensive range of petrol and electric lawn mowers for sale.

New models for ride-on mowers in store

Line trimmers, weed eaters, brush cutters and more

Win the war on weeds and boundary growth with the latest in line trimmers, weed eaters and brush cutters available at the Lifestyle Centre. With our practical advice and extensive product knowledge we can make sure you match the tool to the task – and the operator – so you don’t end up with something too heavy to handle or too small to do the job safely and effectively.

Choose from our range of quality brands available at competitive prices. We also supply safety equipment, spare parts, consumables, lubricants and accessories – everything you need in one place.

Latest products for weed control

Latest Husqvarna, woodcutting safety gear and accessories

Lifestyle Centre is also your local Husqvarna dealer for sales and service agents for chainsaws and outdoor power equipment. We have a range of new and reconditioned chainsaws, chainsaw parts, chainsaw bar oil and woodcutting safety gear available.

Our service centre provides chainsaw sharpening and maintenance as well as repairs. If your chainsaw has been gathering dust in the shed for a while or is not cutting as it should, bring it in for a check-up.

Latest Husqvarna, woodcutting safety gear and accessories